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Hi Everyone


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Hi all,

My name is Dion and I currently hail from Kalgoorlie WA.

I have been keeping fish for about two years now and have suffered many of the basic problems that befall new fish keepers.

I am lucky to have a beautiful wife who shares my passion for fishkeeping (well most of the time).

We keep a 100L which is used as a breeding tank. It is currently being used to breed Platies for live Oscar food.

We keep a large Tiger Oscar in a 160L corner tank (on his own) and he is one of my wifes favourites...

My wife also bought me a 600L AquaOne R1800 for Christmas last year (woohoo). I am planting this out and it is our main display community tank in the living room. It is a work in progress, as I have some great driftwood to add, and I will submit pics of the finished product.

Well I hope to chat to most of you and pick your brains sometimes


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