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I want to add something to the community tank..

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So i currently have a 100 litre tank with 7 neons, 2 baby bristlenose and 2 fighting fish in a hanger inside the tank. It's got lots of wood for the bristlenose and java fern, i can't put guppies in because the wood in the water i've been told makes the water difficult for them. I am wondering if there is anything else i can put in there that will be peaceful with the neons, the hanging tanks can also come out if need be. I saw someone had some community female bettas but i was worried they might make mince meat of my neons. Any suggestions for a hardy peaceful fish i can put in?

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Hey there. :P

I'm not one for hanging tanks. >.<;

Buuuuuuuuut there are a heap of peaceful fish you can have with neons...

Like Corydoras and Harlequin Rasboras... And I think there are other Tetras you can have in with them too. :D

Though i'm not thinking straight lately so I can't think. >.<;

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ive got a 4ft planted display that currently holds

1x flying fox algea eater (the real one)

30x neon tetras

10x rummy nose tetras

4x corydora aeneus

2x corydora jullii

2x pakistani loaches (yoyo loach)

and one lonley accidental harlequin rasbora (was accidently netted at the shops. Has happily joined the school of neons and is doing fine).

soon to add

10x blue emperor tetra

as far as your tannin concern with your wood.

Keep up the egular water changes and this will gradually get rid of the ammount of tannin in the tank.

Tetras love this sort of water, although i would be careful of putting long tailed guppies in with your neons as they will most likley nip at the guppy fins.

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