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  1. So i currently have a 100 litre tank with 7 neons, 2 baby bristlenose and 2 fighting fish in a hanger inside the tank. It's got lots of wood for the bristlenose and java fern, i can't put guppies in because the wood in the water i've been told makes the water difficult for them. I am wondering if there is anything else i can put in there that will be peaceful with the neons, the hanging tanks can also come out if need be. I saw someone had some community female bettas but i was worried they might make mince meat of my neons. Any suggestions for a hardy peaceful fish i can put in?
  2. ooo i particular like the female, very pretty nice work!
  3. so now i'm thinking, 5-6 neon tetras or green neons 4-5 guppies 2 panda corydoras or 2 bristle nose and 1 female betta. is this too much?
  4. Yes my girl is actually from someone's haha. but because she was in an individual tank she advised me adding her with other females was a bad idea. maybe i'll see how she goes by herself with some fast tetras. if not she can go back in her tank or an inside hanger
  5. is it possible to just keep the one i have at the moment by herself in there with some neons and so forth? or is that asking for trouble
  6. Hi, I just bought myself a new 2 foot 100 litre tank and am in need of suggestions of what to put in it! i did want to have a female betta tank but have read very few positive experiences about this, i was thinking of bristle noses, neons and some fancy guppies? and putting my current female betta in a large wall hanger inside the tank as well. This is my first tropical tank so i'm not sure how many or what i should do with it!
  7. Hey, I'm really into keeping bettas, at the moment i have 4 boys of all sorts of tails and colours and one stunning white girl with green and blue fins and also two gold fish. I was hoping to turn my new 2 foot tank into a female betta tank but all the research i'm doing suggests because Pattie has been on her own always it isn't a good idea. So i'm looking for suggestions of what i can put with patti in this big tank! Any ideas much appreciated i'm very excited about starting my first bigger tank with tropical fish. Thanks!
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