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  1. he was just a blue and purple marble crown tail with little green flecks but he had alot of personality. thanks guys i dont think i'll buy any replacements for a while though. 3?? wow that would really of been tough. yeah i'm just confused as to what happened to him. all my other fish are getting blood worms tomorrow haha.
  2. dreaming_frog

    :( sigh

    Can fish have heart attacks? i'm so upset because i just saw my favourite fish who wasn't that old kind of shudder look ill then found him a little while later dead. i am absolutely heart broken but i did everything right, changed their water consistently, they have heaters, plants, caves, never over fed them, never had an issue with him and then he just dies, i just feel awful, the poor guy.
  3. So i currently have a 100 litre tank with 7 neons, 2 baby bristlenose and 2 fighting fish in a hanger inside the tank. It's got lots of wood for the bristlenose and java fern, i can't put guppies in because the wood in the water i've been told makes the water difficult for them. I am wondering if there is anything else i can put in there that will be peaceful with the neons, the hanging tanks can also come out if need be. I saw someone had some community female bettas but i was worried they might make mince meat of my neons. Any suggestions for a hardy peaceful fish i can put in?
  4. did you put it in the water or did you feed it to them? now that i have it i'm wondering how should i mix it with the food? none of them have worms to my knowledge this is just their first worming for the year. do you put a drop and then dilute it and then soak the food? thanks so much for responding by the way!
  5. hmm someone in the article lost all their fish on it eep. i think i'll just soak food pieces in a tiny amount and it should be ok? i'll check out my local produce place first brad but if not i'll definitely pm you
  6. Hi guys, Recently I bought guppies that I was quarentining and within two weeks they all died of worms and it was all pretty upsetting to see them just go one by one so quickly. After this i've decided that i want to worm my community tank just for good measure to avoid the horrible worms again. At the moment there is only 2 bettas in seperate wall boxes and 2 baby bristle nose in the bottom of the tank as i'm setting it all up for the first time. very overly stressed about disease because i realised one of the plants i just put in the tank because i'm an idiot.. Now i know avitrol seems to be the go as a wormer but i also heard that it can be very bad for the bristle nose. I was wondering do i just put the avitrol in the water at a lower rate to not harm the bristle nose but still be able to worm them? or do i put avitrol on the betta's food and will that harm them to have their food soaked in it? thanks guys i appreciate this!
  7. sigh... big complaint coming the fls's way.. the last damn guppie had worms appear out of him today... this is the importance of quarentine to a tee....the amount of diseases these guys nearly passed onto my big tank frightens me
  8. yeah i salted and melafixed them for 2 weeks and did alot of water changes but two of them have died one got a bacteria infection also. One is still alive and i can see a slight spot of bacteria hes caught off the other one but he's on full treatment, still hungry active. that'll teach me to buy from a pet shop and not someone lea...
  9. Hi, I just bought 3 guppies where are now in a small portable tank for quarentine for i eventually move them to the big tank. the poor guys were in a tank with some much bigger fish and as a result have very much what looks like a nice big mouthful taken out of the fins. What's the best way to treat this? so far there is melafix and salt. Also how long should they be quarentined for?
  10. ooo i particular like the female, very pretty nice work!
  11. you should definitely seperate them, my goldfish has fin rot badly once and i used multicure, melafix and salt but it took probably two weeks or so for him to look better, but eventually it did. some people in betta critque were also talking about giving the rotted fins a hair cut and said that worked but i haven't tried that before. good luck
  12. no no she's always been this way. that's interesting they said she was a plakat. i just thought she was cute to be honest, it's interesting to hear her critiqued though! will have to get some better photos she's just super active.
  13. Hi i'm not sure what you'd call her exactly, but this is Patti, fire away.
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