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My little guys


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Ok so finally managed to get a few pics of my Betta's.

Anubis was my first fishy


Then I got Horus


Not a great pic but shows the pattern/ colours in his tail


And finally Isis


Bit of irridecence here but not sure if its cause she's not fully grown or what


I'm about to start on their 3 'room' tank will post pis in DIY section when I hav some *lol*

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into Egyptian mythology or Stargate? I've had fish named Anubis, Horus, Apophis, Sokar, Osiris, Tanith, Ba'al and Hathor and then I moved onto Battlestar Galactica names, Apollo, Boomer, Helo, Starbuck, Hera, Six, Gaelan, Gaius and after that moved onto Japanese names eg Shirotenchi and Kayto..I go through so many fish names!

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