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Another Canister Q...


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So, here is (another) pic of my 70. As you can see, I've done a little rescaping, and everything seems to be coming along nicely.


With the 90L barracks in the works, I need to raid that abomination of a filter seen in this pic to run that tank, and replace it

with a Canister for the 70...

So. My question is this: How should I orientate the intake and outlet of the Canister in this tank? The obvious option would be

to mount both on the right side wall, sending water toward the Stricta on the left and then back again. However. I had the thought

to mount the in/out takes on the left side, with the intake down amongst the Stricta, and the outlet flowing across the top of that

plant. The idea being to promote better water flow thru the dense areas of the tank... What do you think? Of course, doing it this

way will leave the right side looking rather bare, but I can deal with that, I'm sure.

There is also the option of mixing it up a little, ie; intake on right outlet to the left or vise-versa...

Thoughts please??

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