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Cloudy Ammonia

Guest chich0

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Guest chich0

hey guys,

Just read up on a post before about not recommending us aussies to use cloudy ammonia because of the soap additive.

We cant get any pure ammonia here (melbourne) or is very hard to find, so i thaught i would clear this up:

I have used cloudy ammonia for fishless cycling repeatably in the past without a problem at all..

After the cycle do a 90% water change, wait one day do a 50% water change then you will be fine!!

The ingrediants for cloudy ammonia are:

Pure ammonia: 98.9%

Monamine 1.0%

Morton Resin 0.1%

So you can see the soap added is VERY minute and with a few big water changes after your cycle is complete, the soap will not affect the water!!!!!

Well thats my opinion anyway lol :P

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