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Greetings from Melbourne


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Hello fellow betta enthusiats!!

I'm from Melbourne and have been a 'guest' in this forum since Feb. I'm still a newbie in betta breeding.

I have a question which I can't find answers in the net. Hope some experts here could help me.

I had an accidental spawn last week. LOL...long story...

I removed my male betta on the 2nd day when my fry are free swimming. But he has not been eating a single thing since spawning.He is a very good dad. He is still active, flaring at his neighbour at times, and even blows a small bubble nest. :D What should I do to make him eat and stay healthy??

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Hi Elflord. Welcome to the forum. The dad might still be in fry caring mode which is why he's not eating. He should come around in a couple of days. Keep an eye on him though. They can sometimes get a bit depressed when they're separated from their offspring.

Edit: OHHH.... it Elf-Lord not El-ford! :D

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