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Guppy stocking in NPT


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I am setting up a NPT for my bedroom bookshelf. The tank is 36x22x26 (cms). I have never kept guppies before, and don't wish to breed them at this time (make no promises you can't guarantee to keep, LOL), so will be sticking to one gender only.

3 questions:

How many should I stock this tank with? (It has a small sponge filter)

Am I better to go with males or females?

Should I still have some sort of cleaner fish in with them, and if so what (given that this is a small tank)?

Any other advice welcome.


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Males look good in a all male tank and they get along well if theres no females to upset the balance. I currently have 1 month old males in my 2foot tank with 2 cories /a BN / 1 girl fighter and six gobies and they all seem happy.

You do (IMO) need something to hover around at ground level coz the Guppies do mainly swim in the top part of the tank.

How many ??? depends on filter and water changes I guess. I think I would go for 6 guppies and a cory or 2 and then see how your water goes , if its all right then maybe add a couple more .

It should look good .

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Thanks - will go looking either tomorrow or Thursday (my LFS gets their new stock late on Tuesdays and puts it out on Wednesday mornings). Tank is looking pretty good now that water has cleared, although I am still not 100% happy with one corner.

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