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Putting in Dividers


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I am thinking of making a divider (or getting my neighbour to do it coz Im hopeless ;)) For my 20L tank.

Im thinking of making it just for to.. possibly 3- but that would be the max as the size etc will be limiting.

Does anyone have any like blue prints?

Or what do you use to have the dividers sit in place..?

Do you think 3 stalls are too many for a 20L?

Im thinking it may be, so 2 may be ideal and gives them enough room to do whatever they like.

Im just thinking, because of space.. minimum use of electricity (so less filters/heaters in the house running, the better ;))

Should I make a back section to put the heater and filter?

I am thinking about sharing the water, just because again- less heaters and filters used- the better..

Sorry im not sure if my post made sense lol But any help is appreciated ;)

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