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My Fish Tank


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I recently just got my betta and put it in a tank. Im not sure if the tank is okay (the size, fitler, etc.) so I just wanted to ask. Also, I can't tell if my fish is ready to breed yet.. here are some photos of her. XD i know she's not a pretty fish but oh well.. only $2.8 AUD ;)

My Tank:


My Fish:





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sizewize is absolutely fine...

I don't know much about filters so someone else would have to help you there.

You'll know she's ready to breed when she looks nice and in good condition and when you introduce her to the male (put her inside a "chimney" of some kind - eg. cut off water bottle, coke bottle) she will probably intensify her colour and show vertical barring, she'll do a head down weavy dance and look like she's trying to get out of the chimney to get to him (and if you have the chimney opening close to the waters surface she may just jump out on her own!)

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