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So far 3 weeks in Greenwater...


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Its been atleast 3 weeks since my Goldfish have been transferred into my 1000ltr pond with green water. The initial culture of greenwater was a success! Places afew oranda to seed the pond and test of everything was ok, then my collection went in. In these 3 weeks I have changed the water only once! Which was yesterday afternoon. The pond has no filtration, but it has aeration. The aeration in on 24/7 which allows oxygen for the greenwater as well as the goldfish at nights when the oxygen levels are low.

When changing the green water, I only keep about 50ltrs of it for reseeding the pond.

The following photo and videos are taken 2 hours before I seed the pond with the old greenwater.


Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3

Hope you enjoy!

Mango :byebye:

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