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Tank stocking and blue ram problems!

Guest miranda

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Guest miranda

I have a 120 Litre planted tank at the moment stocked with:

1 yoyo loach (for snails)

2 otocinclus

6 corydoras

2 bristle nose

7 cardinal tetras

6 ember tetras

1 blue ram

filter: Eheim canister classic 2213

water changes: 30% fortnightly

CO2: bottle with pump where u add sugar and yeast

ph: 7

should i just leave it as it is?

I recently got the blue ram and I had a pair - when I bought the female I chose one that was being bullied by others in its tank because I pitied it and it was the smallest (and the male was really small) but while it was being quarantied it died. Now I have put the male ram into the tank, it has been trying to nip and chase the corys when ever they are at the front looking for food. Now they have stopped playing round the front like they used to.

what should I do?


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Im not an expert but since the ram and the corys are both bottom dwellers they need to establish there own territory . I have a pair of kribs who harassed my gobies to no end till I put the kribs favourite log to the back corner of the tank . Now they have a place of there own and the gobies are happy to hang out on the other side of the tank.

Having said that my next step if this didnt work would have been to sell the kribs just for the sake of peace in my tank.

IMO if your looking to establish a community tank then you have to eliminate any troublemakers , this allows other fish freedom in the tank and reduces stress on the more timid fish .

Im a bit hard when it comes to adding fish to my tank , I give them a few days to settle in and if then they turn nasty its back to the shop.

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