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Hi folks,

Just thought i'd pop my head in and say hello, name is James, been keeping freshwater tropical for about 7 years now, mainly cichlids focusing on those native to lake tanganyika and their surrounding areas.

I currently keep many reptiles, geckos, snakes etc as well as a nano reef tank, and of course, my black copper HM betta and a big red "female" betta that im trying to work out if she is female or not..

Looks like a nice site, i hope you guys accept foreigners here :D

Shall get some photos up of what i keep later today.

I should also mention i am the proud (joint) owner of Mr. Einstein, a North American Skunk..

Thanks to Callatya for pointing me in the right direction of this site.

Heres the black copper HM:


The one I bought as a red female....


Any ideas on what this actually is? "She" flares at the male and has a longer, thicker body than him.

James :D

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she still looks female to me so she's probably a girl...any chance of some closer pics of her?

Welcome to the site! We like you already because you post pics :D hehe we LOVE pics on this site :D give us pics and we'll be your friends for life hehe!

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