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Gudday fishy blokes and blokesses


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Gudday fish freaks like me :)

Im gonna remain annoynmas for privacy reseson but ill tell you a bit about my 2 tanks :)

ive got a aqua one 380 and a 620T

620T:: i have 5 mollies that im hopeing to breed, 2 angelfish 1 koi and the other zebra versoin, a yellow opal line gourami , 5 guppys that i also want to breed, 3 kuhli loaches 2 alge eaters, albino black widows, and a electric yellow mbuna AND 7 neon tetras!

360:: 1 silver dollar, 4 serpa tetra and a brittle nose ( im gonna turn this tank into a rift cichlid tank)

Im only a young teen but i have about 5 to 7years of aquaristism under my belt and hope alot more to come.

I hope this forum can help me in heaps of ways. :)


:fish:THE gourami guru! :fish:

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