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new filter upkeep


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My hang on filter hasnt been doing a real good job lately , although I have thouroughly cleaned it out it still doesnt seem to be turning over a lot of water.

So about a week ago I put a Aqua one internal filter . It works well . But now I have cloudy water and strongly suspect that my tank is cycling again , since it is fully stocked I cant afford to be mucking around with it if I dont know what Im doing.

So could someone please advise me as to if I should be doing more water changes or adding anything or just let it run its course while the good bacteria build up.

I did a small water cahnge just now and the water looks the same.

The filter has 2 sponges and I wonder if I make a small bag of zeolite/charcoal and put in between the sponges would it wreck the filter or make any differnce to the whole cycling process.?

Or will a bag suspended in the tank work ?

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