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1000Litre Goldfish Pond Project

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Hello all, its been awhile since i've been here, but I have a 1000litre pond/tub being delievered here on Friday and I would love some suggestions and critiques please on my plan. Basically there is two.

Pond below


First Plan:

I was thinking having a 10cm depth of gravel at the base of the pond so that I can plant water lillies and aquatic plants in. Will somehow add a filter, UV-C in it. Will be adding some L397 catfish as a little home for them at the base, but mainly for fancy goldfish. The plants would recieve plenty of direct sunlight, so hopefully they can grow out of the surface and bloom.

Second Plan:

Bare bottom pond, with potted plants such as Water Lillies, Rare/Exotic Swords, an Anubias attached to wood/rocks. Then a few caves here and there on the base for my little catfish. Using 2 Huge Cannister filters for filtration. One will have an UV-C attached to the end of it to reduce the green water.

There are a few different inhabitants im planing to add to the pond. First the goldfish ofcoarse. All are hand selected and picked via their body shape and colour viewed from the top like Koi. I will also add some cory cats and some flyingfox/otto catfish for the algae. Once the pond is established, im thinking adding my L397 catfish but that will have to wait.

As for filtration, im planning either 2 powerful cannisters with a UV-C or a drum or two. Most of the filtration will be to get rid of solids and algae waste. I am trying to make the water crystal clear so that my plants will grow out of the water and I can see all the inhabitants in the pond.

I was initially thinking the first plan, but now wanting to stick with the second. The only thing bugging me now is, what substrate to use for water lillies, and with other aquatic plants such as Echinodorus Swords? Also should it recieve 100% direct sunlight? Or should I place some shade cloth over the pond?


How does this sound to you? Any suggestions?

Mango :)

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That sounds lovely! I much prefer large goldfish kept in a pond to little ones in small tanks or bowls.

The first plan sounds slightly better to me, but only because I am huge fan of water lilies. The types of fish you have lined up sound like a good combination, effective and not too much variety, which should look really good.

Please keep us updated on the progress!

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Both plans will have the water lillies. Just one is potted and the other is just in the gravel bed. I have the water lillies growing at my gf's place in a tub of water. the leaves look like Red Tiger lotus or the similar. Gf's dad is a gardener and his latest project includes a huge garden with 3 aquatic features...so got some free aquatic plants.

What substrate will you plant the water lillies?


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I got 4 SIGMA tubs today from work and planning to make a bakki shower. The tubs are normal tubs, so im planing to cut the base of all the tubs and attaching eggcrate to it to allow the water to gush down.

I have planned the top of tub 1 to be filter wool to get rid of solids, then big balls in the middle and the base is a piece of jap matt. this will then repeat down for the other 3 tubs. The water starts at the top and ends at the bottom. THis will provide high oxygen levels to the pond and will reduce nitrates :dontknow: Here is a plan...




First thing...other than the bakki shower media...what are some media I can use?

Second how and what size pump to use to pump water from my pond to the top of the bakki shower?

Any suggestions?


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I have received the pond on friday at noon. Perfect size for my backyard. I decided to go with my second design without a settlement chamber, the top tube of my TT will get regular cleaning, due to lack of space in the area my pond is in.

I will be using eggcrate to divide one end of the pond to stick my pump (3000-4000lph) in and to aquaculture the sword plants in. In the middle of the fish area will be a huge water lily (Red Tiger Lotus). Near the end of the eggcrate, I might place 3 pots full of thin val for my goldfish to spawn.

I might divide the pond into 2 again to keep a few varieties of goldfish together. Like Ranchu with Ryukin. And Pearlscale with Oranda. I have 3 Suppliers of Goldfish already, and will purchase direct from them. 1 of them I can name: Trans Aquarium (via me working their every Friday & Direct from their warehouse). One of the other supplier is famous throughout Australia for his quality and price of his Goldfish. One of the best Ranchu Supplier in Australia. Plants are obtained via Pisces Enterprises Pty Ltd via myself (wholesale account).

Will have Filter wool and Japmatt on top tub, then bioballs all the way down. Thinking 4-6 tubs in total. Will definately have construction photos of everything.

Mango :dontknow:

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