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Temporarily overstocked tank


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Hi all - request some advice on my temporily overstocked community tank. The bio filter crashed in my 150ltr tank (which held my 3 discus and 5 rams) so I have had to move them to 2 of my other tanks until the cycle kicks in again.

so in the 90ltr tank I have 3 discus, 6 phantom tetras, 8 rams, 7 rasporas, 1 med bristlenose, 2 small bristlenose, 1 female betta (who I will probablt move out tonight to her own small tank)

I am doing a gravel vac taking out about 5% water 2 daily after each feed. I have the filter outlet that drops about 4cm to the water level and 1 aerator (probably going to put another one in tonight)

the other tank (well I won't go into that - similiar scenario)

Is there anything else I can do to maintain some degree of safety for about 10days at these levels?

thanks for any advice given!

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zeolite or wardleys ammogone will help absorb excess ammonia..it looks like white charcoal and works much the same but on ammonia......trouble is Ive read if its left too long it can dump the toxins back in the tank so you need to check on how often to change it.

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