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NPT - 2ft cube

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So I bought the cube even tho I was scaling back on zee fishy hobby because I always wanted one and the price was right. So the only way to own a 2ft cube and scale back on zee fishy hobby is to natural plant it and get it to a stage where it takes care of itself.

So this is what I'm presented with at the starting point.

Good things:

1 2ft cube

1 Overgrown NPT in a 2ft extra deep

1 Overgrown NPT in a 1ft standard

2 gorgeous dayak betta girls

2 red double tail betta girls with faults that I was unable to sell from last batch

1 quarantine tank with anubias on wood

2 gorgeous mangrove swamp tree stumps

1/2 bag of potting mix

Some shell grit

3 1/2 shopping bags of black gravel (2nd hand)

100s of snails

A good 2ft light

A good in tank filter with spray bar

Problem things:

Couldn't find a stand for a 2x2

Knows sturdy 2x2 table can hold 120kg... don't know how heavy a 2x2x2 full of water is

Can't lift a 2x2x2 very easily

Can't reach the bottom of a 2x2x2 very easily

Can't stick backing paper on very well once very heavy tank is in position against the chimney tower in the attic

Floor in the attic slopes so now very heavy tank on sturdy table sits on strips of cardboard.

Anubias in the quarantine tank have the dreaded red algae

Think I'll need more potting mix

So the plan is, I break down the current 2ft NPT and magically move all the flora and fauna into the new tank and it looks good works well and acts like a healthy NPT and then I can move in a pile of tetras and shrimps to boost the bioload.

Good plan?

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Well the tank's half full and the table's holding.

It's looking pretty good. Think Brother's Grimm, Dark Croatian Forest. Wild jungle of val at the back, dark mangrove stumps, loads of crypts between the roots. (Photos look awful when only half full).

In hindsight, thinking filter's too large for a NPT. Works better under-filtered leaving amonium for plants to take up.

Soaked the quarantine tank anubias for 3 mins in amonia and tried to scrub of the red algae, then washed off and dipped again for another minute and washed off. Still a few clumps of algae that don't look dead. Think I'll need an SAE to save the tank.

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Okay, these are set up day photos. The "After" photos are still to come because I'm waiting for some of the plants to take hold still.

First the substrate: Cheap, non-fertilised potting mix (plainer works better) with a sprinkle of shell grit. The gravel is poured down the front of the glass because I don't like the layers to be seen (it's mostly black but dry).


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Side view, after the plants are in (the sponge filter is there to help out and keep healthy). Scuse the messy glass and reflections.

Back: rows of val

Middle: Mangrove tree trunks and stem plants (hygrophillia?) and java moss

Front: reg and mini crypts

Very Front: anubias on wood and an Ech Ozelot Red

Top: duckweed and other floaters






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