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'ello everyone :)


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Hi everyone :dontknow:

I've kept bettas before but had to give them up when I moved. I'd like to get into breeding them now.

So, a few questions - I've noticed we can legally import them from America? is that right? no quarantine issues?

Where should I look to buy a good pair of bettas? not a petshop I guess?

I'm in Sydney if anyone is selling nice bettas.

Cheers :(

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Hi Hetty. Welcome to AAQ.

All imported fish do have to be quarantined. While it is legal to import from the US the trick is finding someone who will quarantine the fish for you. Many of us buy fish off AquaBid. Generally you should look for sellers who list Jodi-Lea Matheson as their Australian transhipper. Jodi doesn't import from the US so just skip all the US sellers. Look for Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean or Indonesian seller. You can find more information about importing bettas, AquaBid and transhipping in the Classifieds forum and the Transhipping sub-forum. As a general guide you can expect a matched pair of imported bettas to cost you between $100 to $120 this includes quarantine costs and shipping.

I have some imported bettas for sale which you can find by clicking here. Apart from those I have some others for sale which I haven't taken pictures of yet (partly because I'm tempted to keep them for myself ;) ). They are: a Yellow halfmoon pair, a Red halfmoon pair, and a Melano halfmoon (with a steel blue halfmoon female).

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Welcome to the forum. I am just starting breeding myself after being in Betta's for about a year. I have decided to try & get my first breeding pairs from Australian breeders as after looking around alot I feel that alot of the Australian stock is equal in quality to the imported stock anyway...afterall most of them are from a matched pair of imported fish ;)

In saying that though I have to admit looking on aquabid can be very addictive...there are soo many beautiful Betta's there and I am sure one day I will eventually give in to the lure of the aquabid Betta ;)


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