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Planted 70L for female Bettas - Updated

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At the moment I'm working on a 70L for my breeder females. It's big enough that the females will get over 15L each, and it can be divided if they don't get along.

I've ordered the following plants online, but I'm open to getting more. I don't want anything that requires CO2 to really flourish, as my Bettas are my focus and I just don't have the room for a C02 setup.

These are the plants I'm getting:

Eleocharis acicularis




Anubias Paco (attatched to a cave-like rock)

Anubias (not sure of the variety) on driftwood.

Java Moss

Any suggestions as to anything I'm missing that might flush things out?

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Thanks for the links. I got my plants from aquarium supplies Australia, I should get them tomorrow or Friday. Once I've planted them, I'll see what I else need. I tend to have an aquatic black thumb, so I'm being cautious and trying to do the right thing with light and fertiliser. I think I'll see if the ones I've bought manage to establish themselves before investing in more plants. The Java Moss is growing well, so hopefully I’m doing something right!

I wouldn't have started with so many plants, but it's going to house 5 girls, so I wanted to make sure there was enough plant cover that they could hide well if they didn't get along perfectly.

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The plants are in the tank now. I haven't planted some of the cuttings, as they arrived completely white, wilted and falling apart after spending all weekend in postal storage (the company sent them express on Friday AND forgot my fertiliser...) so I'm just letting them soak and seeing if they'll perk back up before planting. It's not exactly the way I want it, but I'm getting there. I might get some Val for the back, I love the look of it.

The substrate is a almost 7cm deep at the back, where the planted... plants... will go. I'm going to get some plant-healthy dark substrate to show off the girls colours, since most are light, and also to increase the depth of the substrate in general. I also need a stronger light, my old 40L aquarium light's not cutting it (the one in the picture an even weaker clip-on).

I'm going to have seven girls in there now, hopefully, and even though there are three pairs of siblings, I’m being cautious and planting heavily so they can escape if needed.

Sorry for the lopsided shots!



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