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Fish accommodation


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I'm really interested to hear how everyone keeps their fish. There are a lot of threads about people's new set-ups but not much about how they're going months later. Do you like your set-up? Does it work for you? Is there anything you would change if you could start over?

I'm getting new tanks and wouldn't mind some advice. I've had a few different set-ups before and they all had problems.

Individual tanks


Like this but without all the lines drawn on it :byebye:

Each fish was in a separate tank (or tub). The room was heated, but I'm in a different house now and I would have to run a heating cord under them to keep them warm.


- Diseases didn't spread between fish. Sick fish were already in quarantine.

- Easy to card.


- So many waterchanges!

- Difficult to filter/heat.


I had a 4foot tank full of fish in coke bottles, but the same principles apply to divided tanks.


- 1 waterchange and it's all done.

- 1 heater

- 1 filter


- Diseases spread easily.

At the moment I'm leaning towards getting 4 divided tanks with 5 fish in each, mainly because that's what will fit on my shelves. Hopefully it will combine the best of both set-ups: fewer waterchanges but diseases are still somewhat contained.

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Hi Puggle,

I was going to link you to your design that i modified (hope you didnt mind) but i see that you did it :byebye:

I have updated it now... so instead collecting the water and taking it out i would sit a powerhead filter in the sump and let that filter the water instead of collecting it. Need to have a good powerhead filter to make sure the water is getting filtered quickly.

I dont think heating would be to much of a problem either just need a 300W heater. You would get heat lost going up the pipes but this can be compensated by heating the sump water to 31 degrees so when it does each the top tanks it will be about 28 degrees. Havent tested it but it sounds good in theory! Total cost i worked out to be around $200 i can spilt the 9 litre tubs in half to double the capacity

I was going to use your setup for juvies... for my males i have a 2ft tank divided into four sections Here to see what i used to construct it

The power head filter is now lying side ways on the bottom so i can lower the water level so my guys dont jump over the edge. See Here for the reason why i made the change

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I don't mind you using my photos :byebye:. It was good because my website expired and now I don't have any pictures online.

Do the pipes get full of gunk? I had a reverse under-gravel filter (with a power filter hooked up to an UGF) and the tube connecting them went from clear to a green/brown/black gunky colour. Although a high bio-load and lack of filter maintenance wouldn't have helped...

What happens if there's a blackout? Will all of the water syphon out of the tanks?

I like the idea of piping water into each compartment. Just not sure if my plumbing skills are up to it :fish:

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all the tanks are connected to each other like you see in the picture... i havent made it yet so i cant tell u if it works... it should and im sure it would work.

how it works is that water is pump into the tanks and when it reaches the height of the pipes it flows out of the tank into the pipes... im going to use 13mm garden sprinkler hose... its easy to use... sometimes its bent because its comes wrapped up in a circle but you just pour hot water on it and straighten it out.

if a black out happens then water will reach the height of the pipes once it flows out and the water line is below the pipes no more water will go out so there will always will be about 6 litres of water in each contain... problem is no heated water will come through from the pump and the water will get cold... but that will happen anyway in a black out.

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