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YouTube Video's In Your Posts

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Here is a quick walkthrough

Say I wish to insert this YouTube video clip


Now take note of the url I posted. The part we are interested in is the series of letters and numbers after the = sign. v=SGXfIz_mIcw

  • copy this series of numbers (right click and select copy, or ctrl c) and paste it into your reply box (right click and select paste or ctrl v).

  • Select and highlight the pasted numbers and click the youtube icon rte-code-tube.png which will place the necessary bbcode on either side of your selection.

The tags required to embed the video are [ youtube ] [ /youtube ] (which the button will insert for you or you may enter them manually)

[ youtube ] SGXfIz_mIcw [/ youtube ] minus the spaces I put in to make sure it displays gives you the following post

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