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Algae Problems


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Hi All, my new tank is cycling at the moment, and it developed about a week ago some algae on the driftwood which has consequently spread to the (glass) sides of the tank (looks like white stringy stuff), it isn't bothering the sole inhabitant of the tank, one very happy betta, however the algae does make the tank look untidy, ive only got two types of plants in there at the moment; corkscrew val and java moss. The light is currently only situated over the val only but the java moss recieves enough light. ive tried blacking out the tank for three days, didnt do anything as far as i can tell, i bought an algae treater from a LPS which didnt do anything and when i put it in a strong concentration in a jam jar with some of the algae, the algae has won the fight and continues to grow (it could have been a dud). i am open to suggestions about ways to treat this problem, as well as suggestions on any fish they may help remove the algae, i was thinking a baby bristlenose or something. i would post a picture but the pictures are really fuzzy and the supermacro function cant pick it up for some reason. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Daniel

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