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What is going on?


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I have a large array of tropical fish in a 4 foot tank. They all get along and range from angle fish through to knife fish, rummy nose, blackwidow tetras, ghost fish, loaches, etc. Lately I have had a ghost fish that has been stuck bent in half? I am at a loss as to why, and why I'd he the only one. Could anyone please help me figure out what is going on. Thank you. I am not sure what type of information would help, all I know is that the 40 or so ther fish in the tank are fine, the other 3 ghost fish are fine. The water parameters are all normal.  I feed them a mixture of blood worms and Daphnia, and slow sinking food. I alternate the food. I hope someone is able to help? I have photos and will add them once I work out how? If you can just imagine a fish that is literally bent in half trying to swim, that is what is going on? 

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Thank you but unfortunately he passed away while i was at work! He had been like that for about a week? It has me buggered what it might of been. The other three are fine. It was a little sad because I did separate him for a gee days, but I felt sorry for him being lonely and placed him back in the big tank. Anyway thank you for trying to help

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