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My first attempt at this dont laugh to loud


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ok im going to start by saying im pretty new to keeping fish except i had a few barra in a decent sized tank probably 25 years ago, when i lived in Fremantle, now im in the wheat belt and its either 40+ degrees in summer and freezing in winter.

im going to put on my best plumber and electrician hat on even tho i'm fairly ordinary at both, ive got a few ibc's lying around and a decent sized poly aquaculture tank that ive been using for some cows i have on another block 30 mins from my place, so i'll be bring that back once ive got them sorted with and extra water tank.


so the plan is to start setting this up over the next week or two fotos will come soon as i get more done, so far i just started plumbing the first ibc and atm trying to make a bell syphon, and get my first batch of fish in there in a week or so fingers crossed, need help with understanding where im going wrong once i upload some pics.

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