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“Another Reintroduction”


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Hi everyone, a long time ago I was an active member of Ausaqua and Breeder of Bettas (early 2000’s until about 2010). I then took a break from it all and vowed I was done with Betta breeding and all the work that  it entailed.  Recently, as a semi retired person with more time on their hands I’ve returned to the world of Bettas….specifically Giant and not so giant HM PK’s. In the past I established two HM  lines known as Palomino and Metallic Teal and these were eagerly taken up by members of Ausaqua at the time.  I currently breed birds…..have done so continuously for decades,  but the fish just kept calling to me.  I looked up Ausaqua Forums to see if it still existed and was pleasantly surprised to find that it does…….and that I can “still” log on as a member!  I thought I would reintroduce myself as I now have a bunch of new style Bettas I’m really excited about and today,  managed to successfully spawn a pair of Thai import giant HM “Candy Koi”.  I’m still friends with Lisa “MetalBetta” (one of the founders of Ausaqua Forums) and am hoping to entice her back into the fold…….🤞🙏.  Anyway, I’m hoping that the lively Betta community I remember from before is still there😊

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