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Silver Gumnut

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Used to be on AL but it has vanished.

I live in S/E Melbourne. Look after a pond and have some tanks at home.

Currently I have a Betta, 9 Rainbows (Melanotaenia fluviatilis) and 15 White Clouds in a 2 ft tank.

Yes, I know...

I just got a 3x1.5x1.5 for them. Although they may go back in the pond (They breed better there) now winter is over. Gotta check who survived.

lol, not Jelly Biru! he likes his heater.

Come to get and swap info and stuff.

Can't find your rules (Says 404).

I assume they are like don't mention LFS by name. Dunno about products or links to say a light I'm interested on ebay etc.......

Anyway, look forward to being part of the community.



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