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I went to a well known breeder's house (breeder in AKA) today and picked up 20 fingerlings and some floating plants for my pond. The Kohaku and Ogon was easy to pick out, but had some problems with the Showas...so I told the breeder to pick em for me. Also picked up 2 something tanchos. Looks like Asugi Tancho?? I seriously dont know. Also 2 GinRins...1 Ginrin Kohaku and another Ginrin that caught my eye. Smallest is a Showa about 1.5inchs and largest a Kohaku @ 4inchs.

1. The Tancho something...please help me ID this.

Posted Image

2. Kohakus, the 2 Ginrin, the Tancho and a Showa

Posted Image

3. Some of the Fingerlings with the Yamabuki Ogon

Posted Image

4. More pics

Posted Image

5. More Pics

Posted Image



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