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Injured otocinclus catfish


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Hey guys! 

I have 7 oto cats in my tank and one of them came with this lump under his skin near his head (refer to photo of him in the white cup). and recently has come up with another lesion on his side closer to his tail. I’m attempting to treat him in a hospital tank with an antibiotic (tetracycline) and previous to that I used multicure (which is why the water is green, but I have done a 75% water change over a the days since administering and seeing no improvement) neither of these treatments seem to have worked and it is getting worse. The little oto still seems to be in good spirits but the little scratch on his side looks like a massive lump now and I’m not sure what to do! I will have a whole collection of medicine (a fish cabinet) by next week for these kinds of emergencies but if anyone can recommend anything I’d be so greatful and pic it up ASAP! 





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