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  1. Hey everyone!! ive been looking in to breeding Australian amano shrimp, but all the guides online aren’t for Cardinia typus. Is there a chance anyone here has done it and can lead me in the right direction with equipment and perhaps a link to a forum/website with useful information? I’ve seen one local person in Melbourne has bred them successfully so I know it’s possible while still quite difficult. Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙏
  2. Thanks @shadoh! I'll be investing in some plants and moss for the 52L, the shrimp will be so relieved aha. Im not sure whats going on with the video now but I upload most stuff to my instagram anyway, so it's all on there 😅 @Bettarazzi thats so naughty and awful!! I hope your male made a full recovery from that. Thanks for the heads up, he had fin damage once but it was my fault for leaving spiderwood in his tank and thinking it would be okay! we haven't had any problems since, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on the cheeky buggers! they do steal his pellets from right infront of his
  3. Hi everyone! I just wanted to show off my little work in progresses and my lovely little bettas! I recently acquired a galaxy koi from 7fishes and she arrived in excellent condition. I think she’s quite the looker. My male betta is Ernie and he’s a pretty little goof, and my female betta is Lita. In with Ernie are some North Queensland algae shrimp and some neon tetras. I’m planning to do some more planting in Ernie's tank, as there’s not enough plant in there for my liking , I’m sure the shrimp would appreciate a bit more coverage and grazing spots too. In with Lita are otocinclus catfish
  4. Hey guys! I have 7 oto cats in my tank and one of them came with this lump under his skin near his head (refer to photo of him in the white cup). and recently has come up with another lesion on his side closer to his tail. I’m attempting to treat him in a hospital tank with an antibiotic (tetracycline) and previous to that I used multicure (which is why the water is green, but I have done a 75% water change over a the days since administering and seeing no improvement) neither of these treatments seem to have worked and it is getting worse. The little oto still seems to be in good sp
  5. Thanks bettarazzi! that’s a great heads up, I don’t have a Facebook so I’m guessing they don’t have websites where they list their little babies for people to see outside of Facebook hey? I might just need to make a Facebook page 😅 I love female koi half moon in particular, but I think any little lady with a spunky personality suits me. if you could recommend some good pet shops I would appreciate it! I’ve seen too many bettas in awful conditions around Melbourne and I don’t want to support those businesses
  6. Hi guys! My interest in the hobby blossomed during the COVID lockdowns and I found out I had a passion for fish. I have an especially soft spot for bettas. I have two tanks running, one 52L and a 55L, and a 94L coming on my birthday in the next two weeks. I have planted tanks, one with otocinclus catfish and yellow cherry shrimp (I’m currently trying to find a betta breeder in Victoria, Australia to get a betta for that tank). The other tank has just been upgraded from a 20L and it has a male fancy double tail betta and some neon tetras. I’ve really loved the hobby and would like to
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