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New Betta Won't Eat


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Hi all!

A few days ago I got a betta (via Gumtree) which hadn't been living in the best conditions. It was only getting the tank heated overnight, water changes were top ups when evaporation made the water level too low, the filter flow was waaay too much. The fins are clamped (though showing improvement) and has been quite bloated. Since picking up on Monday, it hasn't had any food (will get a pellet in mouth but spit it out again). It's still quite active, yet skittish (it hides a lot), and is building a small bubble  nest. The bloating has reduced at this point, which is a positive.

Initially I was thinking this one is a boy, but from watching I've noticed that perhaps it could be female carrying eggs? (just going on characteristics of females I've kept in the past) I've tried to look for an ovipositor but it's proven hard to see under the little tum. If I could have some help in identifying this that would be a great help, as well as any advice on what to do about eating habits.

Thank you so much!


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