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  I found your forum via a Google search for Betta breeding charts (looking for a template for tracking pairs and breedings, etc).  Was hoping to not reinvent the wheel.

I am a female, advanced, hobbyist breeder (18 tanks and still expanding) with a degree in Marine Biology (but went on to work in a completely separate scientific field...that genetics is still an important part of) coming back to the hobby after a long hiatus.  Located in Washington state, USA, near the "famous" Aquarium Co-Op.  Hoping to learn from the significant advances in the knowledge of Betta genetics made during my absence, thanks to the power of the internet. ;)   I currently have 2 successful spawns and while I do not claim any expertise in the currently available lines, I am a quick study and hope to be producing show-quality Betta in the near future.  Luckily, I already know most of the basic husbandry and breeding tricks, which make the process easier.  

Hope to learn from you soon!

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