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Hi everyone!!

I haven't got any fish at the moment, but I've kept them in the past for a long time. I had to sell all of them and my tanks as I moved from Tasmania to Melbourne! But now I'm here, I'm ready for a small tank with a boy betta. I'm currently (trying to!) save money to get everything I need - sooner rather than later hopefully, I always feel like cycles take forever.

If anyone here could give me some advice on where I could get an affordable/quality tank and accessories as well as somewhere I could find a nice looking betta I would love you forever!! 

I will be studying later on in the year (hence the move), I'm super excited about the opportunities to come. 

It's lovely to be a part of this forum, I look forward to chatting to you all at some point! :) 

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hi there,

welcome, fellow noob here I was going to suggest possibly the option of australian aquarium buy swap sell on facebook maybe? even if you find a petshop locally that are retiring some old tanks you can usually find a bargain. as for the filters etc guppiesaquarium products might be the cheapest place ive found so far

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