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  1. Adele.humes


    hi there, welcome, fellow noob here I was going to suggest possibly the option of australian aquarium buy swap sell on facebook maybe? even if you find a petshop locally that are retiring some old tanks you can usually find a bargain. as for the filters etc guppiesaquarium products might be the cheapest place ive found so far
  2. haha thanks bettarazzi, I think it must. I would have loved to have been able to attend but unfortunately have been pretty flat out with family birthdays etc. :dontknow: Soon enough I will though for sure
  3. Adele.humes


    Hi im a socially inept awkward artistic person who likes fighting fish. I used to breed discus until I gained a severe back injury. I like painting and making jewellery. I run a business part time in making jewellery and am finishing my schooling with that this coming year. I have 3 cats jynx pippin and flash. Like my fish they are my world. I am based in melbourne and ideally would like to breed bettas particularly half moons. I have a soft spot for mustard gas, dragons and coppers. Im pretty boring really lol. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
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