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Hey betta-lovers! 

I'm Courtney and I'm pretty new to betta-keeping and fish-keeping in general, but I have been doing a lot of research to make sure I give my scale baby the best home I can! I live on the Mid-North Coast of NSW and currently only own one betta named Spooky who I keep in a 25L planted tank with a mystery snail! I work at a small pet-supplies store that stocks bettas so I am always very tempted to take them home and get them out of the tiny betta-barracks they are kept in, but unfortunately I do not really have the money or space to keep more (one day I will take them ALL HOME).

I've had Spooky since late October (Halloween to be exact), I picked him up from work after falling in love with him immediately, and he has been doing great! I've never seen another betta like him.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas/New Year! Looking forward to meeting you all and learning lots of new things about these amazing little fish. :>


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