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SmittenKitten Joins The Show


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Hi! My name is Becca and I am a newbie! : ) I live in Melbourne and I am learning to breed bettas! 

I currently own 8 bettas - 7 of which are male! I've had my female for over a year now and since I have learnt to keep male bettas so that they build bubble nests + newly found time on my hands, I have decided to give breeding a shot! I am very excited about all of this and I am hoping to contribute to good lineage!

I've read a book on bettas and the author (and everyone on AusAqua) says they use an air line tube but nobody specifies how the dirt gets sucked!! I dont want to be sucking the other end of the tube so I've caved in and I'm signing up to these forums! Hopefully I will be able to find my answer soon! 

Thanks for having me!


Becca aka. Smitten Kitten




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Welcome Becca. You don't have to actually suck on the airline. I usually fill the airline with water from the tap, pinch one end closed so that the water doesn't drain out. You then put one end in the container while still pinching the other end, then drop the pinched end into a bucket, unpinch and it should start to flow.

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