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Hi from the Mornington Peninsula, Vic


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Hi I've wanted betta for many years. Fang, a male VT, joined the family early this year. He is my first betta and I absolutely adore him. Fang lives in a 20lt. My other half decided he liked the look of plakats and surprised me last weekend by bringing home four VT girls, which are now in a 40lt. His excuse was that they look like plakats - not that I'm complaining.

And even though they are only pet shop fish.... I can't stop wondering how I'd go breeding them.

Think I've go the bug!

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Hi Bettarazzi and thanks for the welcome :)

Fang has a white head, blue body and fins, the last centimetre of all his fins & ventrals are red. He's not shiny/metallic/iridescent at all - he’s quite ‘matt’.

The girls colours are still developing - only had them a week but their colours are coming in as very metallic/iridescent:

Girl 1 - mostly black body with blue iridescent overlay, red ventrals, fins are 1/2 red/ 1/2 blue.

Girl 2 - mostly black body with blue iridescent overlay, red ventrals, fins are a pinkish purple and blue.

Girl 3 - mostly green iridescent body, black face, red ventrals, fins are green and red.

Girl 4 - mostly black body with blue/green iridescence, red ventrals, fins are red with a touch of blue/green. This girls fins have much more red than girl 1 and depending on the angle can appear blue or green.

For the first few days the girls were very pale with dark horizontal bars - presume they are stress bars? Now they have all deepened in colour but think they still have some way to go before their final colours develop.

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