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Hi, I'm new.


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Hi my name is Brandon and im new to the aquarium scene.

Within 12 months I've upgraded my tank 3 times to bigger and better.

I currently have 6 giant bettas (4 females 2 males) and 1 comet (that has survived the 12 months) they all live in a 200L together

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Welcome to the forum mate. Lots of good advice to be had here. :-)

Now for my 2c worth. Betta and goldfish require a lot different water conditions. This may work in short term but neither fish will thrive, survive maybe but not thrive.

Second is that the male Betta should be separate from each other and from the girls. Again it may work short term but you may wake up one morning to dead fish. Boys may kill each other, may kill girls or even girls may kill boys. These are called fighting fish for a reason.

Anyway, welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum. :-)

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Thanks for the welcome, I got these Bettas directly from a breeder and he said since they were born and raised together they don't fight, which seems the case with mine. they have been together for a few months now and they show no signs of aggression towards each other even when they're in each others space or eating each others food.

As for the comets i understand they are cold water fish but i don't have another setup for them, its sounds kinda slack but my focus is primarily the Bettas well being.

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