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Hi Cathryn, and welcome to the forum.

Nice to see someone else interested in killies. I only have a pair of australe right now. I'm not sure what other members are keeping (our most prominent killifish keeping members seem to be a little inactive of late), but there are always killies available through Aquarium Industries so if you can find a fish store who uses them, they may be able to order pairs or small groups in.

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Good to see people like killies.

Myself and maddzvk keep gardneri and australe, planning to order in a few more pairs once we move house, which will be exciting.

Theres a few very knowledgeable people with killifish on here, just need to catch them on here.

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Welcome to the forum Cathryn.

What types of Killifish are you looking to keep?

Great to see another Western Victorian on here!! Though I have not been on here much lately.

There are some really experienced members about, so put your questions out there and they will help you out.



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