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Hello! *waves* :)


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I am fairly new to fish keeping. I currently have two halfmoon boys who I got from a local aquarium (well kind of local...its about 30kms from me). I happened upon the store by chance, I was driving along springvale rd, springvale, and spotted an aquarium store from the corner of my eye, I did a u-ey and fell in love with 4 different fish, 2 half moons, and 2 elephant ears, I obviously decided to go for the HM's :) I still have space for two more boys, so will probably be watching the classifieds intensly ;) They are currently housed in an aqua one trio tank, which they seem to be enjoying in comparison to their jars at the aquarium :) I would love to show them in the IBC Melbourne show in September, but am unsure if they are suitable candidates, so I am hoping to post their pics in the critique section once I have the access :) I look forward to learning from you all! :)


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Hi BarraKuda - welcome to the forum. You and I have similar tastes - I had the very same three bay barrack as my first Betta tank as well ;)

I've not been around fish-keeping for long either so I'll leave the answers to your questions, and any critiques, for those more qualified. You'll learn lots here. There are many, many excellent people here with lots of good advice.


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