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Howdy :)


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Hi, my name is Jaylee.

We got our first fish tank last november & now have 4.

We have Robin (our crowntail betta), lemon tetras, neons & peppermints in a 90L tank. Planted with anubis on driftwood & couple of other plants, I've forgotten their names.

Batman (black orchid crowntail) in a 20L tank with anubis on driftwood.

Jonesy (crowntail, bred by us), rosy tetras, corydorys, crown loach, peppermint & blue rams in out 135L tank. Have anubis on driftwood, anubis on terricotta pots & other live plants too.

Sparrow, Berri, Cherri, Runt another male (all bred by us) with anubis on driftwood & other live plants in another 90L tank.

We read a lot on breeding bettas & we're just doing it for a hobby. We decided to breed Robin & Ariel (she died from dropsy in early July :(.

Set up the breeding tank, put Ariel in with Robin (she was in a container for 24hrs) then released the next day. We kept a very close eye on them. Robin had made his nest & they were straight into it. :cheer:

We took her out after a few hours & Robin tended to his nest. They were born on 10th March 2013 & are now 4months old. We got 18 from approx 22 eggs.

Have a tonne of photos & videos of it all. Is so interesting to see the babies colours come through & watching the fry grow.

That's about it from me. Would love to post some pics of my babies. :D

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