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hi all :)


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hey all, i am new to breeding betta and well... lets just say i am hooked..

at first i started breeding pet shop veil tails and had great success. :)

now i have around 20 top quality fish thanks to a great importer i found in sydney.

it sure can get addictive.. :blink:

at the moment i have a dragon halfmoon going crazy down stairs picking up eggs as he thought he would be different and not make a big enough nest


i wonder what the survival rate will be :(

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Wow! Welcome levelz! Sounds like you've got the betta breeding thing down pat! This sure can get addictive as everyone on here knows!

Congrats on the spawns, sounds like you've already had great success and continue to. Also sounds like you have a bit of experience up your sleeve. Good to see you have photos sorted, we all love snaps of your fish so when you get a chance, post away! Nobody will complain :P

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haha thanks :)

and yes ill post some pics tomorrow as i just bought 8 more nice looking betta tonight and did not make it home in time to buy there large jars.. not to worry ill spoil them tomorrow and get some pics up :)

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