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Hello all


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Hey guys

I am looking forward to becoming a part of this community. :D

I do have some questions if anyone has some free time to answer it would be great.

I see all the times like CT and stuff like that what's the code for crown and half moon betta fish?

I know for the first 2 weeks you need to feed fey brine shrimp baby's but after that what kind of food would you suggest? And then when they are adults what is the best food?

Thanks guys

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To answer your first question I believe there is a list of terms on here somewhere.

But ct is crowntail, hm is halfmoon, Dt is double tail, ok is plakat.

For feeding fry, microworms and bbs are good. As they grow you can feel frontal worms, or any other mid size live food. And try to get them onto processed.

For adults we like live food, currently we feed blackworms or small mealworms.

Hope you enjoy the site, the more you post the more active it will seem

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1.1 Veil Tail (VT)

1.2 Plakat (PK)

1.3 Crowntail (CT)

1.4 Half Moon (HM)

1.5 Deltas (D) & Super Deltas (SD)

1.6 Double Tail (DT)

1.7 Combtail

1.8 Rosetail & Feathertail

1.9 Round Tail

1.10 Half Sun

1.11 Over Halfmoon (OHM)

1.12 Spade Tail

2.1 Solid

2.2 Cambodian or Bi-Coloured

2.3 Butterfly

2.4 Marble

2.5 Piebald

2.6 Mask

2.7 Dragon

2.8 Multicolour

Are all the pattern types

3.1 Red

3.2 Blue

3.3 Green

3.4 Wild-Type

3.5 Cellophane/Pastel

3.6 Opaque

3.7 Yellow & Pineapple

3.8 Orange

3.9 Orange Dalmatian

3.10 Black

3.11 Purple

3.12 Mustard Gas

3.13 Chocolate

3.14 Copper

3.15 Albino

Are the colours........then there are

4 Oddballs .....4.1 Colours

4.2 Body Types .....4.2.1 Dumbo

I got all this from http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Betta_splendens_-_variations#Double_Tail_.28DT.29

hope that helps....if you look at the site theres pics to help you sort one from the other too :welcome:

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