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Thinking of getting rid of my white tip tetra's


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I have decided to get rid of my white tip tetra's, buying them was a mistake. I think the fact I saw about 100 of them schooling in the lfs tank is what persuaded me to buy them but then having 12 in my tank all they do is hover in one spot all day long taking up space I could be using for other fish. I like having an active tank and these guys dont fit the bill and since I got the rummy nose's which are the most active of my fish it means the white tips can go.

I have thought of trying to swap them but I think the easiest thing to do will be to see if my lfs will take them and ask if they will credit me on my next purchase there. Has anyone ever done that with their lfs? I guess I can only ask.

Any of you guys ever bought fish and not long after thought gee wish I did not buy those? And if so how did you get rid of them?

The culling in the title is a joke, I dont think I would ever cull them. Pity the angel fish didnt eat them lol on that note, the angel fish is getting on with the rummy noses too, that was a major risk I took that paid off (so far) white tips are too big for the angels mouth but the rummys arent.

I have even thought about buying a small tank and just housing the white tips in it by themselves but I swore to myself never to become a multiple tank owner but the more I think about it the more im convincing myself to do it and do a live plant set up which I would not have the time to do in the 6ft tank.

Geez, I came on the interwebz today to pay bills and look where I ended up! :P

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