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Hello, I'm from Tasmania, but I'm hopefully moving to QLD soon. :)

I currently have one oversized 3ft, one 1ft mini tropical tank and one other small tank that's being conditioned.

Next week I'm getting another OS 3ft.

Just here to find out information on breeding beta mostly, as it's a step I hope to take some time soon!

Other than that, I'm a seventeen year-old beauty student, aspiring to do cinemagraphic makeup when I move to the mainland, and I got my first fishtank for my eleventh birthday. I've had my cichlid tank up and running for about five years, and they're fabulous. Moving them to my new tank when it's healthy enough and adding about ten more (It's very undercrowded at the moment, but I've limited my purchase on the basis that I didn't have enough hiding spaces for too many).

Anyway, that's me.


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