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community tank perils


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Today I bought the 12 rummy nose tetra's ive always wanted for my tank even though I know I have fish that I probably should not put them with. I was talking to the owner of my lfs and we were discussing the size of my angel fish and whether it would eat them or not. His advice was not to put them in the tank but me being me and always wanting them in my tank I went ahead anyway.

I put the rummy's in to acclimatize them and sure enough the angel was trying to peck at them through the bag. I was starting to think these are going to be expensive fish food. When I released them into the tank as expected the angel started chasing them but to my amazement it was more of a dominance/territory thing than it was he wanted to eat them, then the unexpected happened. The white tip tetra's came to life (usually they just hover around not doing much) and also showed their dominance to the rummy's. It was quiet the welcoming committee for the rummy's. Even the rainbows let them know who is boss. Its funny actually because the most dominant fish (the yoyo loaches and the torpedo barbs) have no problem with them being in the tank.

I came back to the tank after an hour or so and my worst fears were realized, to start with I could only count 7 out of the 12 I had bought and thought they had met their demise. Thankfully a few hours later and there are now 10 I can count schooling together and the welcoming committee has settled down and started to let them do there own thing now. The other 2 rummy's are probably still alive, its a big tank with lots of nooks and crannies for them to hide in so I probably just cannot see them.

So knowing it could have ended badly it seems to have a happy ending for now, just hope I havent spoken too soon! :P

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