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Hi I'm Maz


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Hi I'm Maz (actually Marion) just recently got back into fish, decided to buy my girls a betta for their bedroom and of course got hooked again, now have 2 20l tanks one with 3 female bettas 4 tetras and a couple of catfish, the other tank is divided in 4 with at this point 3 bettas, the original veiltail (a blue/red) another blue veiltail and a dragon red/black halfmoon, thinking of probably breeding them at some point but not rushing, also planning on setting up a 2 1/2 foot community tank. had all sorts of tanks and fish over the years but haven't had any in a number of years cos kids and stuff it got too hectic, anyway looking forward to getting to know you all

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Hi maz welcome to thes site good to hear you are getting back into fish.ive been into fish for about 6 months now and it's got me hooked badly to but we have a lot of people on here that can help a lot they really do know what they are talking about all you got to do us ask hope you enjoy the site and welcome

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