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Hello everyone my name is Dan, I'm currently a bird breeder of many types of straight beaks but have had an interest of fresh water fish being temprete and tropical for years. I have had many fish tanks over the years keeping goldfish on the majority but have had a selection of tropical the betta being my favorite. I have also tried my hand at keeping Australian predatory fish like the barramundi and silver perch to name a few. I currently have a four ft tank which has goldfish and some danios which my little boy loves. I have always had a passion to one day breed some bettas as my first attempt a long time ago went pear shaped and ended up with only a male left, well that's due to inexperience and a bit of bad info given by a retail shop but tgems the breaks. Now with the passion flared up again I have taken steps to acquire knowledge from people who breed bettas and are willing to help where possible. I currently have zero equipment to start a breeding program or no fish currently due to this time I'm going to research and ask questions before attempting to get my first bettas.

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