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New member, kept fish about 30 years ago and for some reason stopped

I am setting up my first tank since getting the bug again

I have a 6x2x2 and intend to have a community set up

Kept about 6 smallish tanks first time round with Africans but don't want to repeat

Thought a community tank would be more entertaining for the grand kids

Life of the aquarist is much easier now with the Internet and forums, 30 years ago we had trial and error

So far I am enjoying the renewed interest

Don't think I will be much help to members, I'm sure they know a lot more than me, but I am open for a chat


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Pete - You don't do things by halves do you?

A large community that size would be amazing, we got to get the next generation hooked early I say!

Photos would be great, feel free to throw around ideas of what to stock it with too.

You should have a peek in at Subscape, the store has some seriously handsome Aquascaped 4/5/and 6 foot planted tanks (:

Best of luck!


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Hi Aaron and Ness

Thanks for your reply

I havn't heard of Subscape, where are they (I'm in Melbourne northern suburbs)

Have scaped the tank with Amazon swords in the 2 back corners and a small leaf Anubias on a hollow log in the middle

Plan to put 2 or 3 more Anubias on the log when I find some nice plants

I also have a bit of Jave fern, not sure if I will keep

So far I have stocked with

4 x Cory

4 x Bristle nose

15 x Cardinals

1 x Ram

1 X Blue gourami

I wanted 3 or 4 Angels with mixed colours, and a friend gave me 10 2" silver with stripes

I didn't have the heart to say no. I may have to off load some as they are all from the same brood (Litter, batch, swarm????)

all the fish are Juvies except the gourami and ram

Looking for a nice feature fish (I'm open for suggestion)something that will stand out like a gold sevrum (Not sure what a Sevrum will do to my plants)

Will post pictures when I figure out how


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