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Hello from gippsland


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Hello everyone :)

I'm new the the hobby and am getting addicted, i currently own 10 fighter tanks and 15 other tanks ranging from 1ft-4ft :)

i am currently breeding my Green terrors, (Rivulartus) and red cherry shrimp at this stage.

looking into buy some fighters soon to fill my tanks :)

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HEY TFB (My name is ness and I love an acronym)

The Rivulartus are amazing when they colour up, I've got a juvi pair and I just love them!

Are there any/many aquariums out your way? I grew up in Foster & will be heading back for the regional show (doggy high jump contender!)

Welcome to the forum, you sound well and truly addicted, we don't have a 12 step program... but just lots of encouraging peeps


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Nice to c a fellow gippslander on here. I'm in Latrobe Valley (morwell). This forum is I think the friendliest around and the people on here r always willing to help without judging u if ur inexperienced and making ammeter mistakes. Good luck with ur breeding.

Ps. Bettas are a lot of fun and very addictive

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